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Frequently Asked Questions

Will we receive EVERY image you take?

I look at every image before I send it to you, so I take out any blurry, test, or out of focus shots. That means you only get the best, without missing anything. I like to include as many photos as I can so you can choose the favorites that represent your day the best. 

What are the benefits of having a second shooter on our wedding day?

Having a second shooter on your wedding day helps me focus on making sure everything is perfect and no moment goes missed. They're perfect to have to help capture more reactions and moments. It's always nice to have two perspectives when shooting,

Can we bring along our dog or props?

The furrier the better! Your four-legged friend is always welcome, and so are any props that bring out the best in you.

What if it rains on our day?  

As a photographer, I try to make the best out of every situation during a wedding. Rainy photos are actually a personal favorite. I personally believe they are more intimate and carefree. So rainy day? No problem at all! A lot of venues offer many covered areas in preparation of unexpected weather as well

Can we travel for my engagement session or wedding?

Yes yes and YES! I'm always looking for more travelling experience. Want to hike up a mountain at dawn? I'm down! Want to walk on sand dunes at sunset in the desert? Let's go together! There are always so many travel possibilities to grab those unique photos. 

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