Hi there. I'm Amberly.

I'm so excited for you to get to know more about me, and I would love to get to know more about you soon personally. ​


I currently am based out of North Georgia. In my free time, you can usually find me outside hiking or exploring somewhere. I love to swim, kayak, and camp. I'm a lover of all things travel and adventure, and hope to one day continue to travel the world with my photography. 

I am a strong believer on following your dreams since we only have one life to live - I never thought I would truly work my dream job!

Why did you choose the name "Into The Embers"?

When I started my re-branding, I wanted a unique name that would allow me to stand out creatively.  I wanted a name that sounded adventurous and outgoing. "Ember" has always been such an intriguing word word to me. Since my name is Amberly, I wanted my name to be similar and relate to my photography in some kind of way - without using my first and last name as my brand. "Ember" stuck to me. An ember is a small glow, yet can turn into a whole wildfire. I like to think of this as myself. A small spark that can turn my dream into a wild flame. 

I have a very adventurous soul, and love going into the wilderness, hence the beginning of my name. I'm always wanting to go on an adventure and try new things.

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